Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Decatur Greenfest Tour Photos

The Decatur Cool Cities Greenfest tour sponsored by The Sierra Club was a great success.  An estimated 250-300 people toured the home and learned about its systems, recycled-content and re-purposed products, and the passive solar design techniques.  The downpour in the afternoon did not deter locals from visiting the house, and, as a bonus, they were able to see the effectiveness of the rain-gardens.

The very last time this "very green" home will be open to the public will be May 16 and 17 for the 2009 Modern Atlanta Tour of Homes. 


Håndlister said...

RainShine House Atlanta is awesome! I can't say enough about RainShine House Atlanta.javascript:void(0)

Elle Smith Fagan said...

I like it very much!

The concepts are great to see in a construction of its own, and existing homes can most certainly pick up on the ideas put to use so beautifully in RainShine!

One criticism: too many sharp angles in the interior. Especially in the bedroom, where one can bruise the leg so easily, while sleepy. I'd change the design in bedroom and few other spots to round edges and be safer.

I love modern design, but some of "the mind in it" rejects and repels the viewer or home occupant, earning the rightful criticism of too-cold and unfriendly to be a home for a glowing life!

I do love the light and the roof design, and the energy and water collection ideas.

Thank you, Innovators!
More! More!

Elle Smith Fagan