Friday, March 22, 2013

Beyond a Better Box

What the envelope can do for you.

On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, Robert M Cain, FAIA, presented to the attendees at Greenprints 2013 a gestalt of how modern design and sustainable design are not mutually exclusive.  The LEED Platunim-rated RainShine House in Decatur, Georgia was the case study.  The presentation addresses the six goals of the RainShine House design and how they were achieved.  Each goal is illustrated diagramatically and photographically, with LEED references and resources.

Envelope Goals established with Owner input

1.  Bring as much winter sunlight as possible into the house to counter the Owner's seasonal affective disorder

2.  Extend the times fo the year when the house can use natural ventilation instead of heating and cooling

3.  Collect rainwater for household use

4.  Design the house to incorporate photovoltaic modules

5.  Shade in Summer, sunlight in Winter for an open South-facing backyard porch

6.  Shady screened porch for Summer use

View a clip of Robert M. Cain, FAIA speaking about Greenprints

View the whole presentation