Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Landscape Innovatives

The first innovative choice we made for the landscape was for a bicycle parking space. Our clients are avid bike riders and purposely only have one car between them. When designing for homeowners, we always have to accommodate for the automobile.  So why not provide the RainShine house with bicycle parking spaces to accommodate our clients’ lifestyle? We are proposing to use recycled granite curbs that the City has stockpiled as posts to support the bikes. The posts will have a hole drilled in them to receive a chain for securing the bike.

The other credits we hope to receive involves using 30% or greater fly ash and slag in our large entry concrete stepping stones. We also are using recycled granite curbs for steps off the deck and locally crushed slate chips as landings between the granite steps and entry stepping stones.

-  Lynn Saussy, Landscape Architect

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