Monday, December 8, 2008

Sustainability for LEED

Sustainable features include:

• Concrete foundation walls with high fly ash and slag content substantially reducing requirement for high-energy investment Portland cement. 100% recycled content paperboard forms were used. Capillary breaks between all footings and foundation walls.

• Cement-free natural hydraulic lime stucco foundation wall finish.

• Foundation drains and vertical drainage system manufactured from 100% post-industrial recycled content. Low VOC cold applied water-based foundation waterproofing. Post industrial recycled content foundation protection board. Low VOC form release agent.

• Steel beams, columns and reinforcing bars manufactured locally from 100% recycled content.

• Wood floors and interior trim from local, salvaged heart pine.

• Cabinets and built in storage millwork manufactured from zero-VOC 100% recycled content particle board.

• Recycled steel industrial utility cabinets.

• Cabinet countertops manufactured with high post consumer recycled material content.

• All ceramic and glass tile manufactured from salvaged or recycled materials.

• Zero VOC interior and exterior paints, stains, and floor finishes.

• Zero VOC adhesives, sealants and form-release agents.

• PVC free, recyclable solar shades.

• Interior area rugs manufactured from post consumer recycled carpet.

• Low VOC wood sub-flooring and sheathing.

• Highly reflective and recyclable TPO roofing.

• Low VOC rigid roof and basement insulation.

• High efficiency, HCFC- and formaldehyde-free Icynene® wall insulation.

• Locally sourced, high durability, low VOC fiber cement siding.

• High durability cellular PVC exterior trim.

• Locally sourced exterior decking manufactured from post consumer reclaimed plastic and waste wood.

• Driveway wheel strips from re-purposed brick salvaged during site demolition.

• Landscape strips, walks and borders from site demolition salvaged and crushed concrete and locally sourced salvaged crushed slate roofing.

• Bicycle rack and casual stepping stones constructed from locally sourced recycled granite curbs.

• Landscape rain garden swales planted with plants tolerant to submersion designed to manage rainwater runoff.

• Impermeable surfaces, including roofs, totaling less than 10% of site area.

• Full site xeriscaping with native, drought tolerant, non-invasive plants, no turf and no irrigation system.

• Extensive use of nontoxic pest control systems.

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