Monday, December 8, 2008

Energy Recovery Ventilator

RainShine is equipped with an energy recovery ventilator that draws air from areas of the house typically exhausted to the exterior, efficiently recovers heat from the exhaust stream during cold weather and pre-cools and dehumidifies incoming air during hot, muggy weather. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is improved and the risk of moisture related damage to the house is reduced. 
RainShine’s exterior envelope is airtight to reduce air and moisture infiltration. The ERV thus provides a controlled method of moving fresh air into the house, dehumidification, removal of stale or contaminated air and reclamation of energy invested in exhausted conditioned air. 
The ERV operates through a dedicated ducting system, replacing bathroom exhaust fans as well as Laundry exhaust. Outdoor air is warmed close to room temperature with heat that would otherwise be lost with the exhaust air. Water vapor transfer moderates extremes in humidity levels which helps prevent moisture damage or over-drying of the house.

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